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The one thing I so look forward to at the end of the day is my bed and only because I love to sleep.
Yep I’m a self confessed sleepy head and I’m not meaning to rub it in at all to those out there who have trouble sleeping and staying asleep, I’m just saying that I love to sleep.
Nothing beats literally dropping into my bed a night and just letting the load of the day fall away.
Bliss and relaxation at its best.
When my head hits that pillow and I’m flat on my back, I melt into my mattress and am content.
That’s when the day is over for me and whatever went on for me before bed is forgotten about in that moment.
I am lucky to be able to not mull over the day’s events and I think that has helped me in my routine to be able to fall asleep quite easily.

Do you have a routine before you go to bed?

I think a routine is a good habit to have in the lead up to the night’s sleep because without one it can definitely hinder not just falling asleep but staying asleep for the entire night.

So what are some things you can do in a routine before bed?

1. Discussing any issues of the day with a partner or calling someone to talk it out is really beneficial to do not just to help you sleep but to process the day’s events and to not hang onto any unnecessary negativity that the day could have brought up for you.
Clearing these from your mind and your body is a great start in preparing to fall asleep naturally and gently.

2. Eating before bed when your body is working to digest food that you’ve just consumed as well as being upright can assist in this process. Eating a large meal before bed is not advisable but I can understand if you’re starving and haven’t eaten all day and your main meal is your evening meal. If this is the case by all means eat, just wait at least 2-4 hours before you hit the sack. A great routine would be to eat a lighter meal at the end of the day in preparation for sleep and possibly having your larger meal either in the morning or at lunch which also gives you the energy needed to get you through to the end of the day.

3. Stimulation from bright lights like television, computer screens or intense lighting in the home can hinder the sleep routine too so keep these to a minimum. Lamps are a nice touch and create a lovely ambiance in the home. If you find overhead lighting is too bright in the evening and you want to soften the room and the mood, try lamp light, you might be surprised.

4. Alcohol and coffee are stimulants that do not help falling asleep naturally, in fact, they just make you feel you can stay up longer even if you’re body is tired but your brain is wired. Eventually the body wins and crashes with a big THUD but the dreams aren’t so sweet and the mornings are even worse. Drinking water in between drinks can help keep dehydration to a minimum so that you wake up feeling better than worse in the morning.

5. Some find that a quick walk around the block before bed prepares them for sleep. This can work either way where it can wake you up or wind you down but if it works for you to prepare you for sleep, go and do it.

6. A bath is a great way to warm up the body before bed and to begin the relaxation routine in preparation for sleep. You can add a few drops of Lavender oil to the bath water which will help soothe the mind and the body and gives your skin a beautiful scent to fall asleep with.

7. Having a warm drink before slumber is that internal warmth that’s always nice too.
Some like to have milk or a hot chocolate. Whatever your warm toddy of choice is before bedtime, enjoy it.

8. Reading is another bedtime pastime that some enjoy and need to do as part of their routine before going to sleep.  If this is something you currently do or would like to begin then read away.

These are just a few ideas that may help you form a routine that works for you in preparing for a sound night’s sleep. If you have any other tips that help you sleep all night please share them in comments below.

I don’t know about you but talking about bed is making me feel very sleepy. I wish you all a good night of sound, deep sleep and sweet dreams. Good night!

Yours in health & happiness,

Jodie x

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