Don't let age hold you back


Is your age a barrier to how you live your life? Do you let your age stop you from following and achieving your dreams?


First of all what is a barrier?
When I think of a barrier I see a wall, a massive wall that is in my path that I either have to walk around or try to haul myself over. Either way it’s an obstacle that slows me down, or even worse, stops me from moving forward and through to where I want to go.
No barrier, big or small, should prevent you from going after and fulfilling your dreams, goals or desires, no matter how big or small they are; NO BARRIER.
Sometimes these so called barriers can be an excuse or reason to not move forward and fear is usually the culprit behind the excuse as to ‘why we didn’t do it’.


Bloody fear, rearing its ugly head and getting in the way yet again.  Fear in itself is a barrier too.
I know it can be scary going after what you want. It’s tough and you’re tested emotionally, physically and mentally all the time.

All I can suggest when you are challenged,  is to just keep going. It only takes one foot in front of the other heading towards your goal. Bit by bit, barrier, obstacle and fear one after the other, just keep them coming because the more that’s put in your path the better you get at dealing with them. Wouldn’t you agree?
But I think one of the biggest excuses or beliefs we tell ourselves, and I too am guilty of this one, is our AGE.

We can get caught up in the mindset that certain milestones should be reached or achieved at particular ages. Really?
University degree, job, marriage, kids, house all in that order and all achieved by a number, in this case, your age.
Being women, we have a biological clock ticking away and I know how important it is to have children earlier as opposed to later in your child bearing and rearing years in terms of having the energy to raise a child, being able to conceive in the first place and having time on your side to do both, but I’m not convinced about all the other stuff having to be reached by a certain age. After all that’s all it is, just a number, and a number doesn’t define what, how or the way you live your life by any means. Do you agree?

For me, I prefer my life to just flow and what will be will be. I certainly don’t let my age hold me back or prevent me from doing anything I feel like doing. In fact I just turned 50, I started an online business, I just got home from a trip to New York and now I plan to sell up my home and most of what I posses and I’m going to explore this beautiful country of ours, Australia, in search of a new place to roost.  All exciting things that I want to do and I don’t let my age define when, why or how I’m going to do it.

This, of course, doesn’t work for everyone at my age.  I’m in a position where I’m single, my children are older and have moved on with their lives and I have a part time job that I’m not tied too so I can make this decision and go. I could be fearful though of the unknown, my future, where will I live, where am I going, why am I doing it, for how long and so many other questions that could be asked but instead I’m just going with how I feel, what my heart says and what I want and need to do.  

Yes I’m happy, I love my life and where I live, I have beautiful friends and my children are both here too, but I also feel I’m at a stage in my life where I feel free.  Free to explore and free to go, as I’m also free to return.  But I think the biggest reason for me at the moment is that I’ll never know what’s out there beyond my current world if I don’t go out and find it. I’m excited. Do you ever feel like this?


Next time you feel like doing something, anything that stirs you up inside and gets you excited, don’t stop and think, ‘Oh but I’m too old to do that’, or any other excuse you usually use, in fact, don’t allow any thought to creep into that moment of joy and excitement, and instead, go right on ahead and go for it; go on I dare you!!!!

Life is short and we don’t know what’s around the corner so embrace the moment because really that’s all we are certain of aren’t we? Right here, right now I want you to grab it with both hands, hold it tightly and don’t let go…ever.  That’s your dream or desire your holding onto there, we all have one or more and it’s our dreams and desires that light us up and get us excited.  They put a smile on our face and make us feel happy.  What if you achieved your dreams, how would that make you feel? 

So go after your dreams and make them real and don’t let your age or fears be your barrier to reaching your goals. And remember to tell me all about it and share in the comments below as I’m also very curious and want to celebrate your achievements of reaching your goals with you.
I’m so proud of you and love and support you in all your endeavors. Good Luck and remember above all, to have fun.

Yours in health and happiness,


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